Therapeutic Massage

An International Blend: Hawaiian Lomi Lomi, a hint of Swedish, Chinese acupressure and American deep tissue create a fully holistic therapeutic experience.

Lomi Lomi

This beautiful method of working with the body comes to us from native Hawaii and is more than just a massage style, it’s a healing philosophy. Anatomically the body is a whole of interconnected parts and lomi lomi works with that interconnectedness to address pain and immobility holistically. Like other healing traditions, lomi lomi involves an understanding that an idea or belief can block energy flow as much as muscle tension and treat all symptoms accordingly. Combining long flowing strokes with specific point work, movement and stretching, lomi lomi releases stress and muscle tension without intense pain.

Massage is most recommended for:

Relaxation  | Pain | (Non-chronic) Stress and Tension  | Athletic Health
Strengthening the Immune System  | Healing After Injury and / or Surgery
Aiding a Detox Process | Breath Constriction | Improving Circulation
Supporting the Body through Grief | Autoimmune Disease Pain
Neuromuscular Dysfunction | Pregnancy & Postpartum

Massage is not a fix for chronic stress or tension.

For ongoing pain, tension, and stress Rosen Method bodywork is the ideal treatment.

If you are unsure which treatment makes the most sense, choose the Eureka! option when scheduling to allow time for an in-depth discussion of issues and goals.

Healing is a process.

If your goal is recovery from pain, injury, surgery, please expect a minimum of 3-sessions to feel substantial relief. Persistent pain is the result of many years of chronic tension, and that cannot be cured in one-session.

Massage Add-on Options:

+ Cannabis Oil Add-On: Enhance your session with C-oil for additional pain relief, relaxation, quicker healing of skin and muscle tissue, and decreased inflammation.

C-oil used topically does not produce any psychoactive effects.

+ Cannabis Oil & Hot Stone Spot Treatment: For chronic pain and / or injuries in one area of the body: shoulder, hip, low back, menstrual cramps, etc, this combination enhances the restorative power of massage with the penetrating heat of hot stones and medicinal effects of cannabis oil. This combination is not recommended for the entire body as the heat of the stones magnifies the potency of the cannabis oil.

**This option requires 24-hr notice as stones need to be heated ahead of time. Please include the add-on in your appointment notes.**