Happiest Baby


Touch is our first, and only universal language. When fluency is developed in infancy, our ability to communicate and relate is founded for a lifetime.

The Happiest Baby is a 5-part parent – infant massage class series, a wonderful gift for you and your baby as you begin life’s journey together. In this class series parents practice on their own babies, while a doll is used to demonstrate technique. Each class session is focused on a specific area of the body, incorporating massage technique, developmental stage, and baby’s mental / emotional state.

Benefits for Baby:
Relaxation  |  Improved Sleep  |  Increased Body Awareness  |  Stronger Immune System  | Healthy Skin Increased Blood Circulation  |  Improved Digestion                           Respiratory Balance  |  Relief of Teething Pains  | Development of (healthy) Tolerance for Stimulation   |  Increased Oxytocin (the Love Molecule)
Practice Agency in Saying ‘yes’ or ‘no’ to Focused Touch  

Benefits for Parents:
Relaxation  |  Bonding with Baby  |  Awareness of your own Body  |  Improved listening skills with Baby                                                                                                     Increased Confidence  |  Increased Oxytocin (the Love Molecule)  |  Mega Adorableness

Like adult massage, baby massage is great for everybody! However, some of us get extra benefits from massage.
Parents and Babies with extra benefits to gain include: 
Premature Babies  |  Babies Experiencing Medical Intervention  |  Adopted Babies
Moms Experiencing Postpartum Depression  |  Parents with Traumatic Touch Histories
Parents Who Have Trouble ‘Slowing Down’

The series can be done in a group of (up to) 5 babies or one-on-one. Group classes flow in the order that suits most babies best; private classes are better tailored to individual needs. It is recommended to attend the full series in order; with a weekly or bi-weekly rhythm. Classes are recommended for babies aged 2-months to crawling. Babies can be accompanied by up to two adults, not limited to parents.

Please schedule by phone or email for group classes. Private classes can also be scheduled online.