Somatic Inquiry

An active, embodied approach to personal exploration and growth.
Somatic Inquiry (SI) is a catch-all for many modes of journeying into the unconscious and body wisdom which include talking, movement, touch, breathwork, visualization, body scanning, and more. SI is an in-the-moment process, directed by and toward your personal goals and curiosities. It is an active compliment to Rosen Method Bodywork, as well as psychotherapy, coaching, and all types of journey work.

Through a combination of verbal dialogue and embodied practices: movement, touch, guided visualization, breathing techniques, drawing, and /or dream imagery, we explore your life questions and unmet goals to gain more clarity and freedom, heal the nervous system, and develop a broader understanding of self. 

SI is a collaborative process which begins with a discussion around which modes of inquiry best fit you, and the process is created accordingly.

Somatic Inquiry is most recommended for:
Exploring a Particular Question  | Emotional Blockage | Creative Stagnation
Embodying Healthy Boundaries  |  Intimacy and Relationships  |  Moving Through Grief
Integration of Powerful Positive Experiences (Spiritual, Entheogenic, Relational)

What to expect during a Somatic Inquiry session:
+Sessions always begin with a moment of quiet settling in, followed by talking before anything else.
+Sessions are 60-minutes long.
+SI is a creative collaboration – meaning we are both engaged with present-moment process, which is sometimes experimental.
+Variety. If you have been in either talk therapy or coaching, talking may feel familiar. However,  time will be spent engaging with imagination and embodied experience as well as talking, in no routine order.

What to expect following a Somatic Inquiry session:
+It is typical to feel more vulnerable, creative, inspired or emotional than your usual. Go with it in whatever ways feel comfortable and safe! 
+Welcome the unexpected – memories, desires, dreams, solutions are all likely to flow into awareness.

How to make the most of Somatic Inquiry:
+Wear comfortable clothing that you can move in easily, like athletic wear.
+SI is a therapeutic process. Depending on what is bringing you in, regular weekly or bi-weekly sessions over a minimum of 6 months is recommended. There are exceptions, depending on goals, where fewer sessions allow for integration of a particular experience or clarity in decision.
+Follow your sessions with quiet, screen-free time — take a walk in nature, write or draw, dance, yoga, meditate…
+If you are also receiving or interested in receiving RMB, schedule your RMB session earlier in the day or week.