Nov 5th

…Slow Down

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Life happens when we’re being, not when we’re doing. 

My life has become significantly more busy lately, juggling graduate school, business and life. It’s got me thinking about the pace of doing that most of us force ourselves and push eachother to maintain. I’m constantly checking myself to slow down, step back, listen for what I need.

We live in a green light culture. We stop only when we crash and slowing down is often not an option.

Being a bodyworker requires knowing how to hold stillness, motion, emotion, pain, tension… humanness. It means creating a space for calm in the sea of frenetics. It means having walked a certain path in order to direct others in the same direction. It also means witnessing the before and after of so many others’ arrival to themselves; the truth is everyone looks happier, younger, more attractive and more kind after a massage or RMB session.

The state of doing is auto-pilot, obligations, shoulds, addiction, tension, confinement. It’s the place we lose track of who we are, what we want and why we originally chose to do whatever it is we’re doing. Doing makes our lives feel mechanical, predictable, unnatural. In some cases, the chronic doing can send us into shut down – depression, anxiety, physical pain, relationship fractures. If you don’t agree, you just haven’t hit your red light yet.

When I broke my cycle of doing I found I could breath better. The air around me felt calmer and the simplest pleasures became abundant. Being is the place of feeling, inspiration, creativity, expansion, presence, relaxation, love. Being is not some state of ‘spiritual bliss’, but simply being present. My path included yoga, meditation, dharma talks, Hawaiian life, tons of bodywork, psychedelics, Burning Man, intuition, journaling, wise people of every age… and ultimately just taking time to get quiet and listen. Now there’s a flow between fast, slow, stop and when I get stuck in doing I notice and choose to switch gears.

Now it’s your turn… Will you join me in living more yellow?