Rosen Method

A therapy for body and mind; A journey into your most authentic self.

Every experience a person has is recorded in the mind-body system.
Habits of ease and availability or tension and inhibition create the dynamics of your life.
Your body literally tells your story.

Rosen Method bodywork (RMB) is a holistic somatic therapy that treats body and mind simultaneously, addressing muscle tension as the physical manifestation of long held attitudes, beliefs, and emotional blockages. Sharing benefits with both psychotherapy and massage, RMB is uniquely therapeutic in its combining of gentle touch with reflective, inquisitive dialogue.

RMB is most recommended for:
Chronic Pain  |  Anxiety  |   Depression  |  Trauma  [Physical &/or Emotional]
Digestive Issues [Non-Diet Related]  |  Postural Habits  |  
Frequent Headaches
Respiratory Issues  |  Intimacy and Relationships  |  Body-Image and Acceptance
Complicated Grief  |  
Creative Stagnation  |  Caregiver Burnout  |  Personal Growth   

What to expect during an RMB session:
+First time RMB sessions are 60 minutes.
+RMB is practiced on a heated massage table. You will be invited to undress to your comfort level and draped comfortably with a sheet. Neither oil nor face cradle are used.
+The entire session involves touch, while the amount of talking is variable. Dialogue is entirely organic to the moment and generally includes questions and observations from the practitioner; and sharing of what is felt or experienced by you.

What to expect following an RMB session:
+It is typical to feel more vulnerable, emotional, creative, and / or open than your usual.
+Welcome the unexpected – memories, desires, dreams are all likely to flow into awareness.
+Physical pain will decrease or go away, range of motion will increase. Sometimes this happens after one session, sometimes over a span of time.

How to make the most of RMB:
+RMB is a therapeutic process. Sessions are recommended weekly or bi-weekly for a minimum of 3-months. Many choose to continue for years.
+Follow your sessions with quiet, screen-free time — take a walk in nature, bathe, write or draw.
+For those concurrently in psychotherapy, it is best to have your RMB session precede your psychotherapy session.

More info on RMB, including training and history: