Eureka!: This option is for those who are new to Mind Body SF and unsure if Massage, Rosen Work, or a combination package will best suit their needs. Allowing time for a 60-minute session and 30-minutes of intake and discussion, this option allows us to create the best treatment plan for you without skipping any details.
90-minute total time: $130

Therapeutic Massage & Gentle Blend Sessions: 60-minutes: $100  |  90-minutes: $130  |  120-minute: $180
Hot Stone Therapeutic Massage: 90-minutes: $175  |  120-minutes: $205
Pre & Post-Natal Massage: 60-minutes: $100  |  90-minutes: $130
I’m Committed: Massage Package 6-Sessions for the price of 5.
~Applicable to all massage sessions of the same price.
~Packages expire after 6 months from purchase date.

Rosen Method Bodywork 60-minutes: $120  |  90-minutes: $150
I’m Committed: Rosen Package 6-Sessions for the price of 5
~Packages expire 6 months from purchase date.
Sliding Scale $120-$70
~Available for Rosen-bodywork only.
~Applicable to ongoing clients only.
~Cannot be applied to a package rate.

Flex 10 Package: 10 60-minute sessions of any kind that can be shared between family and friends. $975
~Expires 6 months after purchase date.
~Option to extend individual sessions at $30 per 30-minute increments up to 2-hours.

Couple’s Massage Class 2-hours: $250
Single-Sided Massage Class 1.5-hour: $200
Prenatal Massage Class 1.5-hour: $200
Infant Massage Class Series (Private Instruction) 5 1-hour classes: $450
Group Classes ~Rates and dates vary according to venue. Please inquire by e-mail for upcoming classes.*If you’d like to host a class in your home, enjoy a 50% discount.