Prenatal Massage is integral to an optimizing your pregnancy, birth, and postpartum experience.

Recommended every 1-2 weeks throughout pregnancy:
Massage benefits the pregnant body in ways that nothing else can. While we are all predisposed to particular issues or ease no matter what, supporting your body and mind for giving birth will set you up for your best experience possible. Pregnancy massage offers the same benefits as massage, while relieving prenatal discomforts and preparing your body for birth and motherhood.

Common prenatal discomforts relieved by massage include:
Sciatica  |  Headaches  |  Shortness of Breath  |  Swelling in Extremities  |  Fatigue
Stress and Anxiety  |  Back pain  |  Joint Pain  |  Stiffness  |  Insomnia

Pregnancy massage does have contraindications. Please call or e-mail before scheduling an appointment if any of these apply:
All Day Morning Sickness  |  Currently in 1st Trimester with History of Miscarriage  |  Other Medical Complications

Prenatal Partner Massage Class

Prenatal partner massage classes allow mamma & papa time to enjoy relaxation, the pleasure of touch, and deeper connection with each other and baby. Partners of all orientations, family, and friends are all welcome to attend.

A lovely way for papas-to-be to connect with the prenatal experience, while mammas-to-be get to enjoy more frequent skilled touch. Classes are 90-minutes in length and are tailored specifically to the needs and curiosities of each couple.

Postpartum Massage aids your body’s natural processes so you can enjoy a quicker recovery and more comfortable transition into motherhood.

Recommended every 1-2 weeks for the first 6 months:
Your postpartum body can feel burdened by hormones, nursing, lack of sleep, the emotional transition, and in the case of c-section – surgical recovery. Massage is especially important in the months following birth to help restore balance – physiologically and mentally.

Benefits of Postnatal Massage include:
Hormone Stabilization  |  Detox from Birthing Medication  |  Healthy Lactation  |  Improved Circulation Better Mood  |  Stronger Digestion  |  Increased Immunity
Pain Relief  |  Support in C-section Healing  |  Relaxation

Pre-crawling babies are welcome to accompany new moms to massage appointments with prior notice.

The Closing of the Bones ~ A Postpartum Restorative Treatment
Giving birth is the ultimate experience of surrender. The experience of opening so completely physically, emotionally and spiritually can ultimately leave new moms feeling too open, raw or empty.

The Closing of the Bones is a process of binding the body, literally closing the bones and energetic body, while quieting the nervous system and creating a moment to return to your own being. Traditionally for mammas 40-days postpartum, it is also offered for new dads to celebrate and ground the transition into parenthood.

How to Prepare:
-Bring any sacred objects, music, poetry that you would like to include in the experience.
-Wear comfortable clothing ~ the binding is laid over clothes.
-Make arrangements for baby’s care, this time is just for you.
-Decide if you would like to have the experience solo or with your partner.

What to Expect:
The Closing is performed fully clothed on a massage table. 7 scarves are knotted on the front of your body, providing the binding, followed by full blankets to create the ultimate cocooned comfort. The rest is up to you and can include aroma therapy, energy work, music, reading of poetry or prayer, or silence.

Recommended 40 days after giving birth, and safe at any point after.

Closing of the Bones is offered on a donation basis, no Mamma excluded for lack of funds.