Massage Therapy

An International Blend: Hawaiian Lomi Lomi, a hint of Swedish, Chinese acupressure and American deep tissue create a fully holistic therapeutic experience.

Lomi Lomi
This beautiful method of working with the body comes to us from native Hawaii and is more than just a massage style, it’s a healing philosophy. Anatomically the body is a whole of interconnected parts and lomi lomi works with that interconnectedness to address pain and immobility holistically. Like other healing traditions, lomi lomi involves an understanding that an idea or belief can block energy flow as much as muscle tension and treat all symptoms accordingly. Combining long flowing strokes with specific point work, movement and stretching, lomi lomi releases stress and muscle tension without the pain that results from San Francisco’s more popular styles.

Massage is most recommended for:
Relaxation  |  Pain  |  (Non-chronic) Stress and Tension  |  Athletic Health  |  Strengthening the Immune System  | Healing After Injury and / or Surgery                                    Aiding a Detox Process  |  Shortness of Breath & Asthma  |  Improving Circulation  |  Supporting the Body through Grief  |  Autoimmune Disease Pain
Neuromuscular  Dysfunction  | Healing the Body after Trauma  |  Pregnancy & Postpartum

Massage is not a fix for chronic stress or tension.
For ongoing pain, tension, and stress Rosen Method bodywork is the ideal treatment.
If you are unsure which treatment makes the most sense, choose the Eureka! option when scheduling to allow time for an in-depth discussion of issues and goals.

Healing is a process.
If you’re goal is recovery from pain, injury, surgery, please expect a minimum of 3-sessions to feel substantial relief. Persistent pain is the result of many years of chronic tension, and that cannot be cured in one-session.

Hot Stone Massage
The therapeutic benefits of massage + the bliss of warm, earthy stones =
the ultimate physical & mental decompression.

Hot stone massage is in the lomi lomi style, as all of my massage offerings, with the addition of smooth, heated stones. These stones are both placed along specific points on your body and used in motion, as part of the massage flow. The localized heat and weight of the stones improves circulation and warms tense muscles, allowing for deep layers of muscle tissue to release easily, painlessly, blissfully.

Hot Stone Massage is most recommended for:
Deep Relaxation  |  (Non-chronic) Pain  |  (Non-chronic) Stress and Tension  |  Athletic Health
Strengthening the Immune System  |  Detox  |  Increasing Mobility  |  Wanting to feel really, really great!

Hot Stone Massage is NOT recommended if you have:
Edema  |  Cardiovascular Conditions  |  High Blood Pressure  |  Diabetes  |  Sunburn

Massage Add-on Options:

+ Cannabis Oil Add-On: Enhance your session with C-oil for additional pain relief, relaxation, quicker healing of skin and muscle tissue, and decreased inflammation.
C-oil used topically does not produce any psychoactive effects.

+ Cannabis Oil & Hot Stone Spot Treatment: For chronic pain and / or injuries in one area of the body: shoulder, hip, low back, menstrual cramps, etc, this combination enhances the restorative power of massage with the penetrating heat of hot stones and medicinal effects of cannabis oil. This combination is not recommended for the entire body as the heat of the stones magnifies the potency of the cannabis oil.
**This option requires 24-hr notice as stones need to be heated ahead of time. Please include the add-on in your appointment notes.**

+ Essential Oil Add-On: Enhance your session with essential oils for added relaxation. Each oil has specific health benefits, what smells good to you is good for you.
Choose from Lavender, Rose, Patchouli, Sandalwood, Vanilla, Turmeric, Chocolate, and Citrus.

Massage Classes
…because basic massage is a skill every human should have.
We instinctually touch those we love – to connect, to comfort, to express what words cannot. Touch is hard-wired into our genetic make-up, but what if you could fine-tune what nature gave you?

The following classes offer participants technical skills to deliver a therapeutic full-body massage. Designed according to each partner’s inspirations and needs, your class will be an entirely unique experience. Private classes are held at Mind-Body SF’s studio. Group classes are offered periodically at various locations, including participants’ homes. Please inquire by e-mail if you’d like to host a group class.

Couples Massage Classes
Couples Classes are designed to relieve tension and pain, deepen communication and sensuality, and develop a more embodied self-awareness. Most often enjoyed by romantic couples, classes are open to platonic pairs as well.

Single-Sided Massage Classes
Designed for the person who wants to develop massage skills as a solo achievement. Whether you want to impress your friends, you’re considering professional massage training, or you’re seeking an exercise in generosity, this class is for you. Participants are required to bring a buddy to receive during the class.

Infant Massage Classes
There’s a reason you can’t take your hands off your baby, and it’s not only the cuteness factor. Touch is actually required for neurological development; it allows for non-verbal communication, healthy attachment and bonding. Skilled massage techniques do all of that, while enhancing baby’s sleep, improving digestion and circulation, and boosting immunity. Beginning a daily massage routine in infancy will reward you and your child, emotionally and physically, well into the future. The full body massage is divided into a 5-part series, offered both privately and in groups. See Happiest Baby for full details.