Hot Stone Therapy

The therapeutic benefits of massage + the bliss of warm, earthy stones = the ultimate physical & mental decompression.

Hot stone massage is in the lomi lomi style, as all of my massage offerings, with the addition of smooth, heated stones. These stones are both placed along specific points on your body and used in motion, as part of the massage flow. The localized heat and weight of the stones improves circulation and warms tense muscles, allowing for deep layers of muscle tissue to release easily, painlessly, blissfully.

Hot Stone Massage is most recommended for:
Deep Relaxation  |  (Non-chronic) Pain  |  (Non-chronic) Stress and Tension  |  Athletic Health
Strengthening the Immune System  |  Detox  |  Increasing Mobility  |  Wanting to feel really, really great!

Hot Stone Massage is NOT recommended if you have:
Edema  |  Cardiovascular Conditions  |  High Blood Pressure  |  Diabetes  |  Sunburn

Massage is not a fix for chronic stress or tension.
For ongoing pain, tension, and stress Rosen Method bodywork is the appropriate treatment.
If you are unsure which treatment makes the most sense, choose the Eureka! option when scheduling to allow time for an in-depth discussion of issues and goals.