Gentle Bodywork Blend

By calming the nervous system, we allow the mind & body to restore deeply. By experiencing pleasure we invite in new possibilities.

The gentle blend is an option for those who do not want the deeper tissue work of massage or the deeper emotional work of Rosen Method. This option combines energy work, intuitive listening, cranial sacral therapy, reflexology, gentle movement, aromatherapy, and more. Each session is designed according to your needs in the moment, beginning with a thorough check-in.

The Gentle Blend is most recommended for:
Deep Relaxation  |  Insomnia  |  Highly Sensitive Bodies  |  Feeling Overstimulated  |  Acute Pain
Easing the Stress of Transition  |  Finding Joy in the Body  |  Exploring Your Spirituality

Following your session it is best to allow space for quiet and reflection. Consider journaling, drawing, or a nature walk.