The following classes offer participants technical skills to deliver a therapeutic full-body massage.

Couples Massage Classes

Designed according to each partner’s inspirations and needs, your class will be an entirely unique experience. Private classes are held at Mind-Body SF’s studio.

Couples Classes are designed to relieve tension and pain, deepen communication and sensuality, and develop a more embodied self-awareness. Most often enjoyed by romantic couples, classes are open to platonic pairs as well.

Single-Sided Massage Classes

Designed for the person who wants to develop massage skills as a solo achievement. Whether you want to impress your friends, you’re considering professional massage training, or you’re seeking an exercise in generosity, this class is for you. Participants are required to bring a buddy to receive during the class.

Infant Massage Classes

There’s a reason you can’t take your hands off your baby, and it’s not only the cuteness factor. Touch is actually required for neurological development; it allows for non-verbal communication, healthy attachment and bonding. Skilled massage techniques do all of that, while enhancing baby’s sleep, improving digestion and circulation, and boosting immunity. Beginning a daily massage routine in infancy will reward you and your child, emotionally and physically, well into the future. The full body massage is divided into a 5-part series, offered both privately and in groups.